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42 NAIL HACKS! | Nail Art Hack Compilation15:37

2.250.704 viewsPublished on Jan 20, 2017

42 NAIL HACKS! In today's nail tutorial, we're sharing a TON of nail hacks in a huge nail compilation video. These DIY tips and tricks will have you mastering nail art and nail care in no time! :) ENJOY!! ❤ SUBSCRIBE to CutePolish so you never miss a nail tutorial! ❤ Also SUBSCRIBE to the rest of the CutePolish girls! HANNAH: JULI: MIRI: MINNIE: _ ♡ PRODUCTS MENTIONED IN VIDEO: - Play POLISH BLAST for FREE: - Simply Peel Nail Latex: - Latex-Free Nail Barriers: (Use code CUTEPOLISH to save 10%!) - Anti-bite Nail Polish: - Oven Bake Modelling Clay: - Color Changing Pigment: - Glow In The Dark Pigment: - Star Hole Puncher: - Sharpie Markers: - Full Cover Fake Nails: - Hydracol Regular Polish To Gel Polish: - Clear Nail Stamper: _ ★ TIPS & TRICKS YOU NEED TO KNOW: ✦ Paint Your Nails Perfectly: ✦ Grow Your Nails Fast: ✦ How To Avoid Smudging Your Nail Art: ✦ 5 Ways to Stop Biting Your Nails: ✦ Shape Your Nails Perfectly Square: ✦ Fix A Broken Nail Fast: ✦ Prep Your Nails Before Painting Them: ✦ Dry Your Nails Fast: ✦ Easily Remove Glitter Nail Polish: ✦ My Nail Care Routine: _ Sandi’s equipment to her create videos! ♡ CAMERA USED TO FILM: ♡ CAMERA USED FOR PHOTOS: ♡ LIGHTING: ♡ VIDEO EDITOR PROGRAM: _ If you recreate any of these nail designs, show me using the hashtag #cutepolish! INSTAGRAM → TWITTER → FACEBOOK → _ Thank you so much for watching! Love you guys ❤