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DIY Organization + Hacks for Back to School 2017!7:56

556.634 viewsPublished on Aug 13, 2017

Can we just take a minnnnute for that slow-mo though!! Ah I'm so excited for todays video because duh, its a collab but also it's about my fav topic - DIY Organization! I wanted to share with you a bunch of back to school life hacks, tips and DIY's for staying super organized and productive this year! Things like creating an essentials jar, binder legend for your locker and cute washi tabs! Let me know in the comments which part of the video you liked the best! :) ,000 Back to School Giveaway ▹ Laura's Video ▹ Laura's Channel ▹ Laura's Instagram ▹ SUBSCRIBE & THUMBS UP ▹ VLOG CHANNEL ▹ S O C I A L ▹ Instagram ▹ Twitter ▹ Snapchat mmikaylag ▹ Vlog Channel ▹ KIK *NEW* ▹ Facebook Page ▹ Pinterest F U N L I N K S Make Money Shopping!! ▹ The BEST Pushup Bra Ever! ▹ B U S I N E S S ▹ [email protected] Hello! I'm Mikayla and I make all types of videos about Makeup, Lifestyle, DIY, Makeup Tutorials, Hauls, Life Hacks, Must Haves, Essentials, Fashion, Back to School, Tasty, Testing Buzzfeed, Halloween, Christmas, Valentines, Summer, Morning Routines, Night Routines, Expectations vs Reality and so many more!