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10 DIY smartphone photography tips, tricks and hacks4:10

21.639 viewsPublished on Jan 28, 2017

10 DIY smartphone photography tips, tricks and hacks the most successful camera in the world is your smartphone. We are presenting 10 cool tips and tricks, or if you want to call them camera smartphone hacks for you to have fun and take better photos 1. world cheapest and easiest to set up home photos studio or light box. you can use a simple plastic storage box with a hole and few lights to take awesome, professionally looking photos 2. paperclips tripod 3. selfie stick tripod 4. heart tube effect 5. hands free selfie 6. have fun around the house - put your phone in unexpected places 7. underwater photography with the smartphone 8. coloured halo 9. cool filters 10. night photography thanks for watching, remember to subscribe. few similar videos are coming up!