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CLEAN YOUR ROOM | 7 New DIY Organizations + Tips & Hacks!10:23

3.996.666 viewsPublished on Mar 23, 2017

WATCH THIS: It´s spring, and It´s once again time to clean your room! With these 7 New DIY Organizations, + Amazing tips & Hacks I promise you will have much more fun cleaning and organizing your room than ever before! CHECK OUT MY NEW CLEAN MY ROOM VIDEO HERE: Can we make it to 25 000 likes? In this video I firstly show you me cleaning my room by making my bed, throwing trash, getting my floor back to being a floor and not a 2m wide trash can (hah lol, but it´s true tho). I did it by firstly throwing all trash (paper, plastic, and others) and then sorting the rest into piles of what I wanted to keep, wash, fold, or place somewhere else. Then I proceeded with the washing of my night table and introducing the first DIY: A to do list so that you can keep yourself and your life organized! Further on I showed you guys the top of my dresser (which was a mess). And I created a full DIY station where I organize my tapes and paint, as well as showcase them. I made a makeup/paint stand and a tape holder using wooden rods. I also decorated with a Chanel picture, and jars filled with small products I didn´t have room for anywhere else! After I decided to show you all how I make my drawer dividers using foamboard and fabric! I use that hack in all my drawers, and I´m telling you; once you start to as well, you´ll get addicted! I proceeded with cleaning off my Alex drawer and showing you my amazing letterboard. It´s been in my room for about a week now, and I cant tell you guys enough how much I actually love it. It´s amazing. Lastly, I got a bin, ironed on some stickers and used it to hide my ugly bathroom supplies, smart right? So yeah, that´s how i clean and organize my room! None of the DIY´s or organization generally would be possible without the amazing Panduro team and their products, you guys need to check them out! Love you all, take care! WHERE I BUY CRAFTS: Panduro Hobby has shops in Norway, Sweeden & Demark, and ship from their site to primarily Europe. PANDURO YOUTUBE CHANNEL: FOLLOW ME ON SPOTIFY RIGHT NOW: QUESTIONS EVERYONE ASKS: How tall r u? I´m 5.7 and a half! (171,5cm) How old r u? I´m 16! I was born October 18th, 2000! My vlog channel: MYLIFEBYME INSTAGRAM: MacerlyOfficial TWITTER: MacerlyOfficial FACEBOOK: Macerly09 SNAPCHAT: MadeleineHoen MUSIC BY: NCS! Diviners feat. Contacreast - Tropic Love ( SoundCloud Facebook SoundCloud & Song: JPB - Up & Away [NCS Release] Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds. Video Link: DISCLAMER: This video is a collaboration with Panduro Hobby, however I would never collaborate with a brand that I didn´t have complete faith and trust in. Panduro Hobby and I have been working really hard and long on this video and many more DIY videos to come! I would never lie about my thoughts on any product or brand, neither would I choose to collaborate with brands that I haven´t heard good recommendations and reviews of. Panduro Hobby and I have been working closely on this collaboration, and believe me, we have so much more fun in store for all of you guys, so get excited!